Caribbean Linked III Blog Post: /Khon’chee/

Aruban artist and participant in the former residency programme Caribbean Linked II, Germille Geerman, shares a blog post about the ongoing edition of Caribbean Linked at Ateliers ’89, Aruba:

Don’t brag to the Dutchies that you like the “Kontjie”, though..

Saltpond, to the rest of the world. But to us, it’s: Conchi..
You’re here for the “Art”, right? What am I buzzing about “saltponds” for?

Linked is much more than just Art… it’s the bonding and the learning of one an other, different life experiences making this big Gumbo with flavours from all corners of the Caribbean.

Most will tell you, it’s the getting outside of the residency premises, that’s what inspiring their new work. So in a way, some island rubbing on one, does make a bit of a difference. It left some footprints within them… As they did too, while journeying the north shore in longing of this play – place of sorts – that they heard existed naturally out there.

Butts… Butts everywhere. Leasho must have found a bunch of mellow drifty inspiration, compared to the Rough & Tough fast paced Dancehall pumpum, he usually gets at home.

From flat tires, scavenger hunting of the one and other, hiking, hidden geysers, photo ops, to finally playing on black rocks to cooling off in this oasis of a pool, while brute waves crashes on the ocean side of the Conchi.

Beer. In case of intense hot days, always remember to have them icing in the cool box.                    Which we did not.
So, a very special Thanks for Ryan & Alydia to have opened up their home, so we could recoup from the intense Sun afterwards, and still learn of their career, opportunities, struggles, inspirations and disappointments. (which each and every artist has, so we learn from each other how to cope, or not doing the same mistakes)

Chapters, everybody has them.. We often read of other, yet forget to tell those of our own. Yet while togetherness builds it’s own book while we move on.

From dinner, to other secluded secrets of the Island.
So I guess the Island isn’t that small after all…

Celebration of life, and the gratitude of getting the opportunity to live it.
Bonding of all sorts.. In places we’d never imagine existed.. Every good story has its secrets. It’s the opportunity of living it all together, that’s the treasure at the end of the Journey…

Deadline.. So the working continues, with a new “twitch” of identity of course.
8 more days and counting, yet it’s 9 more days to say goodbye.

We already had to say goodbye to Holly. While we did have a blast of a farewell, it’ll be a while again, while we get to be together and plant seeds that make a difference again. She understands, and sees the value of it all. And really stands for what she believes in.

I like having her around. She brings this flow of energy with her, wherever she goes.
Till next time, it is, I suppose.

Till next time.

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