Romelinda Maldonado

I’ve always attended the lectures and exhibitions of Caribbean Linked with great pleasure. There’s something about the depth and closeness of the presented content that is very inviting, and the ambience in the yard of Ateliers’ 89 on the exhibition nights is enchanting. The lights, music, art, chatter, laughter, drinks…the warmth, the joy, the feeling of home; dushi trip.

I never would have thought that someday I would be part of this great and important event pero ate mi ki ♡

These last couple of months have been crazy.

Amidst these difficult times there’s movement. Interesting, important and beautiful movement, visible and invisible. Great things are happening and Caribbean Linked is one of them. This residency being an important milestone for me, igniting my transition.

As a self-taught artist, I find certain things challenging. Besides the documents (bio, CV, statement and portfolio) that I’m not fond of writing (yes I said it hahah) I also miss some guidance at times. The feedback that I got during the studio visit conversation with curator Sofía has been very pleasant and encouraging, she gave me helpful pointers.

Meeting you all has been very inspiring and motivating. That invisible thread that connects us has been felt and it feels good.

Experiencing this residency has made me turn inward and opened my appetite.

Craving for knowledge: about roots, history, culture, identity, how we connect,  Caribbeanness. Craving for adventure/play: exploration of possibilities in/for my art practice. It led me to focus and handle more goal-oriented and made me question everything about my art practice. In a good way,  for self-development and growth. Danki!

Romelinda Maldonado, Work in progress

Looking forward to experiencing the magic of having all of you so close together. Working alongside, sharing space and energy.

Big brasa.