John Reno Jackson

Thrilled to have taken place in the first virtual Caribbean Linked, it was an interesting experience. Typically an artist residency is in-person and you have the ability to interact with the other artists on a hands-on basis. You also get to explore the area in which the residency is based, gaining new experience and exposure to fresh ideas. However, due to the global pandemic the program was forced to adapt. In doing so a new avenue for developing creative interaction in our region was born.

It was also an interesting experience working remotely without limited artist co-direction or critique. The main most important thing during this time was the group/curators calls. During these calls, great conversation was had. Information was exchanged and cultural boundaries removed. The opportunity to share your ideas with a regional audience via livestream was also a fantastic opportunity.

Untitled, 2021, mixed media on canvas, 44 x 44 in

Most of the things that I worked on during the virtual residency were projects that I was developing prior to. Using the idea of being in a residency, I was able to work more diligently than usual. Most of my work is continuing to feed towards the use of representational forms in my work, developing a language with more texture and social connotations.

Untitled, 2021, mixed media on canvas, 30 x 32 in

This opportunity was also a moment of reflection and research than actual physical practice, looking more inward towards what my practice is working towards. The feedback and interactions with other artists is crucial to developing this sort of inward approach.

I look forward to the in-person installment!

Untitled, 2021, digital monotype